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2023: A Game-changing year for web

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2023 was a game-changing year for Gaucho's website.


After redeveloping the backend and untangling the clutter of a five year old site, the focus shifted to site enhancements and UX, which helped drive a record number of visitors to the website, as well as to achieve a series of record breaking stats. 


  • 12 million impressions on Google

  • 2.4m tracked users in 2023, up 3.5% on prior year, with a total 2.2m engaged sessions

  • An average 3.4 page/views per session with half of users browsing the menus pages for juicy steak cuts

  • 184k direct bookings, and a 6.12% overall conversion rate making the website their strongest platform for bookings


Looking ahead to 2024 Gaucho prepares to launch the OpenTable consumer API, which marks another big step in the evolution of the website to further improve user journeys and UX by:


  • Hosting the booking journey, keeping users on our website

  • Enabling flexible booking journey design aesthetic and branding

  • Creating tailored booking fields for each individual restaurant

  • Maximising user data

  • Permitting marketing opt in incentives, to increase signups


Building A Tech Temple (2022)


In the bustling realm of gastronomic delight, Scarpetta, a three-restaurant group with unwavering passion for authentic ingredients and the artistry of pasta, was looking to cultivate their brand and construct a marketing function.


The objective: to establish a tech-stack and create a digital-first strategy, focusing on customer acquisition and retention. We set about identifying key platforms to fulfil the needs of the business whilst maximising data capture.


Lightspeed (EPOS)


Often referred to as the heartbeat of the business, the "Electronic Point of Sale", can connect you to a whole world of different solutions. Lightspeed was already being used in the business, we kept the product as the basis in our quest for tech-harmony, searching for new platforms.


Sevenrooms (Booking platform)


Sevenrooms was selected as the core booking platform due to Its powerful integration with Lightspeed, which allowed us to link customer profiles and track in-restaurant purchases.


Sevenrooms (CRM)


We quickly recognised the benefits of using Sevenrooms CRM, sitting side by side with the booking platform. The integration with Lightspeed enabled marketing comms to be triggered by customer data from the booking platform, as well as buying behaviour via the EPOS.


Wireless Social (WIFI provider)


Wireless Social is best in class and offers the most in-depth data capture and reporting opportunities. We set up and FSTP file transfer with Sevenrooms CRM for WIFI signups and in-restaurant customer behaviour tracking.


5Loyalty (Loyalty platform)


5Loyalty was introduced to provide an app based digital loyalty programme for the restaurants. We tracked strong results almost instantaneously, including higher spends and increased visit frequency from members.


Feed It Back (Feedback platform)


FIB is a powerful tool that enables reporting and trend spotting using the latest AI technology, providing invaluable data for marketing automations, all of which is fed back to the CRM for automation triggering.


The Strategy


Once all the platforms had been properly setup and tested, we set about creating a strategy for automation. Data from all newly introduced platforms pointed to the CRM, allowing us to create auto-email campaigns from up to 300 data points for each customer.


Structuring the marketing function in this way meant we could benefit from digital channels using a modest budget, moving away from traditional marketing and advertising campaigns, which is more costly. And finally, introducing automation ensured strong results from ‘always on’ marketing campaigns, with limited resources.


Today, we continue to work with Scarpetta, creating monthly reports and growing their marketing strategy, advising on key monthly actions.

Gaucho & M Restaurants

Success in CRM (2022)

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In the backend of 2021 Rare Restaurants, the group behind some of the UK's leading restaurant brands including GAUCHO, M Restaurants & The Crane Tap, was looking to elevate their data strategy and adopt a more progressive approach to data led marketing, more commonly seen in tech-savvy industries.

The mission? To automate marketing comms, accounting for 90% of all CRM activity, and to achieve extraordinary levels of engagement using a highly targeted approach. Campaigns are triggered by the customers themselves, including their behaviour, spend habits, website actions and social engagement. The journey:

Database cleanse – to complete full scale audit of all data nodes and segmentation.

Integration – to achieve a fully integrated network of systems and platforms including EPOS, booking platforms, WIFI, website, social and feedback forms.

Automation - to create an expansive framework of CRM automation triggered by customer specific data.

We set up 20+ automations for Gaucho, engaging with key audiences by targeting customers based on their behaviour. Automated email journeys included frequent visitors, lapsing customers, visitors based on occasions and more.


Tracked KPIs in 2023

  • Delivered emails: 627,992

  • Tracked Spend £4,237,995

  • Tracked spend from lapsing contacts £92,475

  • Booked customers: 36k

  • Tracked visits: 26,402

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